Access Control systems.

Based in manchester england, Secureze specialize in the installation and maintenance of access control systems in and around Manchester. Access control is the means of controlling access to buildings or areas of buildings. We can install the most basic access control systems to sophisticated systems. Such as mechanical digital combination locks to network based access control systems which integrate with CCTV systems to recall logged actions with visual actions, time and attendance systems to manage wage roll based on individuals access into controlled doors or buildings.

We supply all types of systems
By far, the most popular being proximity RFID or Swipe card systems .This is where a user presents a fob or card to the door reader and the door opens, our systems give a reassurance beep to indicate the door is unlocked with a flashing light too, useful in noisy areas. Cards or fobs are relatively inexpensive. And have a long life span in normal use

Other reader types include the keypad reader, a very simple to use device, a 3-6 digit user pin is issued to users, type this code into the pad and upon a correct code being typed in, the reader will beep and flash its light to acknowledge the door is unlocked, as a standard feature all our keypads have a tamper protection feature, if someone tries to "crack" the keypads code, it will lock them out for a pre-determined time.

Other reader technologies include:

  • Barcode, read exsisting HR staff cards or similar
  • Mifare, this technology is the newest.
  • Magnetic Swipe, read your own bank cards, staff cards ect

Biometric fingerprint reader. A secure way of allowing access to sensitive build areas or buildings, the reader can be mounted inside or outside, and allow users to present an enrolled finger to the reader to gain access

Biometric hand geometry reader control, by far, the most secure and reliable option, with this reader type there is no pin code that can be shared or proximity card that can be lost, the users ID device is their hand. When the user presents their code to the onboard keypad, the reader opens its internal directory and pulls up the users hand geometry, the user places their hand on the reader, and the reader compares the desisting users hand geometry to the one presented, upon a verified read, the door will open and the LCD display will say access granted. Very useful for heavy use sites, or sites with many visitors, users can be added and deleted in minutes and saves on lost cards, or people taking cards off site. Hand geometry is particularly useful for end users who are subject to their hands getting dirty or constantly changing their appearance, such as building sites, schools and sports grounds.

System types:

Swipe card reader

We offer a standard swipe card or pin code system, this is where cards or codes are edited locally to the door, users can be added or deleted quickly and easily. This type of system offers great functionality and control over the system by the administrator. Key Features include:

  • 1,000 Users
  • Door monitoring
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy admin
  • Low cost
  • Cards or Fobs
If there are multiple doors on site, it can become difficult to administer them. That's when a networked system becomes suitable.

Networked access control swipe card system

For you as the owner you can have multiple options, you can have a log of when people came, you could have a log of whom is in the building and who is out, this is useful for fire alarm situations, and in call centres so you can see who is in to ensure the call is routed to a person in the building.As well as the basic functions, the access control system can report on peoples attendence on site, it can control peoples access to certain areas in a building, for instance, sales people can only access the main door and the sales office, the accounts staff can only access the main door and the accounts doors, a general manager has access to both sales and accounts, but not the sales directors door. and so on. integration to payroll is as a feature and compatable with all major payroll systems, advanced features include lighting control, so if a room is empty, the access system can turn lights off, or can light your building up in the morning prior to staf arriving, even control the heating,air con.

Have a look at our interactive sample system, mainly showing the connection types and basic funtions:

Based 5 miles from manchester center and with over 25 years in the electronic security industry, there really isnt a situation we havent seen and havent solved. We support all major UK brands such as:


Save money

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Our systems can integrate with your building lighting, save money on lighting unoccupied rooms!

Full Reporting

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Keep a log of when people entered your site or when they came and left for payroll systems. The database can store phone numbers, reg numbers personel infomation or any bespoke info you may want!

Photo ID

Along as the standard access cards or fobs, we can supply you with cards and a printer to design and print your own vistor and staff cards for a clear corporate identity