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Due to the nature of our work, sometimes we are not always able to answer your call, but we WILL phone/text/email you back, normally within 20 mins, You can call:
Our 24hr phone/voicemail :0161 408 2382.
For urgent calls :Call or Text 07973 480 912
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I will endeavour to answer your call straight away,but sometimes we are busy, or simply not able to answer the phone, don`t worry though, if you leave a clear voicemail with a contact number, I will call back, that's a promise.
When filling the form in, PLEASE ensure your email address is correct and leave a phone number, I`ll reply to all emails with an email if your concerned about unsolicited phone calls, but you have to ensure your return email is correct or I won`t be able to reply or contact you if I cant reply to your mail.